SpEd 250 - SpEd 250 Success oriented approach o Keep...

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SpEd 250 February 27, 2008 Success oriented approach o Keep assignments and tasks to a finite length. Make certain the work is within the capabilities of the student. It is often necessary to use teacher made or altered materials. Commercial materials are rarely designed for students with LD. o Provide regular reinforcement for accomplishment immediately. Emphasize success! o Collaborate with regular teachers to modify assignments o Use mnemonic strategies to cue or prompt memory and reduce the complexity of abstract tasks o Alternative forms of grading and evaluation are appropriate for students with LD o Reduce environmental stimuli o Do not take it for granted that students are on task or know specifically what to do o With some students, give them only the materials needed to do their work at a specific time. Other materials can be distracting o Periods of transition, from one activity to another, or from one class period to another, typically lack structure. This is when behavior management problems are most likely to occur. Cognitive and Meta Cognitive Approaches o Cognitive-thinking o Meta Cognitive- thinking about thinking o Cognitive training focuses on modifying unobservable thought processes and prompting observable changes in behavior. Cognitive training involves at least three basic elements: Motivation and positive thoughts, talking to oneself- Changing thought process Providing students with specific strategies for problem solving Encourage initiative Early Academic Success o The best predictors of academic success in preschoolers is mastery of preacademic tasks that are requisites for academic skills, ie
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Identification of letters, numbers, shapes, colors, spatial concepts, number concepts, and sounding out letters of the alphabet (phonological awareness) Learning disabilities are not indicated by whether a child is left or right handed or if they can tie their shoes
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SpEd 250 - SpEd 250 Success oriented approach o Keep...

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