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Chem 155 822 - • Two or more distinguishable parts in the...

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8/22/07 Chemistry study of matter and its transformations including energy changes 2H 2 + O 2 -> 2H 2 O + Energy Universe o Matter- has mass and occupies space Particulate atoms Substance: 1 type of atom only = pure element Molecule: set of tightly bound atoms H20, CO, CO2 Compound : more than 1 element with atoms in fixed proportions NaCl (Not a molecule) o Energy- Composition Classification o Pure substances One element = elements More than 1 element = compound Chemical reaction needed to change elements to compounds and reverse o Mixture Homogenous Same composition throughout (air) Heterogeneous
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Unformatted text preview: • Two or more distinguishable parts in the mixture (oil and water) • Separable by physical methods (doesn’t change their composition) o Filtering o Evaporation • Physical properties o Measurable without change in composition o Examples Boiling point Color Density Hardness • Chemical properties o Refers to how substances react o Examples Silver Tarnish Oxidation • Intensive o Independent of amount Density Boiling Point Helps identify unknown element or substance • Extensive o Dependent on amount Mass Volume...
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