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Chem 155 905 - v Dalton theorized this to prove/explain...

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Chemistry 155 1. Organic compounds- must have carbon and hydrogen Vs. 2. Inorganic compounds- all else a. Molecular compounds(2 elements) b. Ionic Compounds – Metal and non metal 3. Atomic Theory a. Dalton Atomic Theory i. Elements- smallest part = atom ii. Atoms of one element are identical (physical, chemical) Atoms of different elements are different iii. In Chemistry reactions (RXN) atoms are conserved 1. Not created, not destroyed iv. Compounds form when elements come together in fixed ratios
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Unformatted text preview: v. Dalton theorized this to prove/explain previously formed laws 1. Law of definite proportions a. Like compounds always have like mass ratios between their elemental makeup (fixed composition) 2. Law of conservation of mass a. Mass of the reactants always equals the mass of the products vi. Law of Multiple Proportions 1. Atoms combining in one elemental ratio, then those same atoms combining in a different ratio produces a different compound...
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