Exam 2 - Study Guide Exam II Chem 155 Fall 2007 1 Exam I...

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Study Guide Exam II – Chem 155 Fall 2007 1 Exam I will cover portions of chapters 2 (what was not covered on exam I) and 4 (sections 1 & 2 covered in class 10/1) and all of chapter 3 as covered in lecture and recitation. Vocabulary and concepts that you should know and fully understand: cathode ray tube, alpha particles, J. J. Thomson and the cathode ray tube, Milikan’s oil drop experiment, Rutherford’s gold foil experiment, structural formula, ball and stick model, space-filling model, acids, bases, hydrates, and naming and identification the representative oxyanions and associated acids and derived anions and acids, isotope, atomic mass unit (amu), periodic table or chart, period (row), group or family (column), empirical formula, nomenclature, organic compounds, inorganic compounds, alkane, methane, ethane, propane, average atomic weight (mass), natural isotope abundance (fractional or percent), the mole, Avogadro’s number, molar mass, molecular mass or weight, formula mass, mass spectrometer, mass spectrum, percent composition, empirical formula, formula unit, chemical reaction equation, reactant, product, conservation of mass, conservation of charge, stoichiometry, percent yield, actual yield, theoretical yield, limiting reactant or reagent, excess reactant or reagent, solution, solvent, solute, aqueous, weak electrolyte, strong electrolyte, nonelectrolyte, ionization, dissociation, acid, base,
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Exam 2 - Study Guide Exam II Chem 155 Fall 2007 1 Exam I...

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