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Religion 205 829 - 3 Original sin sin is act of...

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Religion 205 8/29 1. Christianity: Overview and Formation Era a. Largest religion in the world i. 2 billion believers ii. 33% or 1/3 world population b. 3 main branches i. Catholics 19% 1000+ million ii. Protestants 8% iii. Orthodox 3% iv. Other forms of Christianity 3% v. Geographically 1. Catholics a. South and West Europe b. North and South America c. Middle and South Africa 2. Protestants a. South Africa b. North Europe c. Australia d. USA e. UK 3. Orthodox a. East Europe b. Russia c. Ethiopia vi. Overview of Branches
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1. One God yet three persons – Father Son and Holy Spirit 2. Reality of this God is revealed in life and person of Jesus
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Unformatted text preview: 3. Original sin: sin is act of disobedience to God’s will by first human beings Adam and Eve 4. Jesus Christ as savior to restore human destiny c. Encouter with Modernity i. Social/historical/social-scientific background in 19 th century ii. Industrialization Leads to urbanization iii. Darwinism: “The Origin of Species”, survival of the fittest iv. Social science – tools of history and archaeology applied to religions and cultures v. Protestant confrontation with modernity: struggle between modernism and fundamentalism...
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