Religion 824 - 1 A Melanesian term for an awesome power common to objects persons or spirit iii.E Durkheim Sigmund Freud and Totemism g Issues

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Relig 205 824 1. Origins of Religion a. Prehistoric Society b. Questions about origin of religion: Guesswork c. Two worldviews of where human beings come from? i. Religious: God’s creation ii.Scientific: 3 stages of evolution d. Stages of human beings evolution i. Earth formulated 4.6 billion years ago ii.1 st human from Africa around 3.5 million years ago 1. Homo Habilis- >250,000 years ago 2. Homo Erectus- 250,000 years ago 3. Homo Sapiens- 100,000 years ago e. How did religion begin? i. Prehistoric Society : Hunting/ Gathering ii.Main Concern: Survival – food/children iii.Role of dreams and visions iv.Death v.Nature and environment 1. Storm and natural violence (ex. Earthquake) f. Issues concerning origins of religion i. E.B. Tylor and Animism 1. 1 st influential anthropological theory ii.R.R. Marett and Mana
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Unformatted text preview: 1. A Melanesian term for an awesome power common to objects, persons, or spirit iii.E. Durkheim, Sigmund Freud and Totemism g. Issues concerning the evolution of religion i. E.B. Tylor: soul animism polytheism monotheism ii.James Frazer: magical religious religious scientific iii.Ninian Smart: mana personal spirit polytheism monotheism and atheism h. New-evolutionary classification of religions i. Primal religions : local, primitive, simple ethic, or tribal religions ii.Archaic religions: those of people united by a common culture in large-scale and socially stratified socities iii.Classicl religions: in literate, complex societies in historical times iv.Modem religions: new religious movements...
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