Religion 827 - a Tribal i Believe the same thing ii Group...

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Religion 205 Globalization and World Religions 1. Great Religious stories: four main types a. Myths of nature i. Stories about forces (spirits, gods, mana) of nature that govern human destiny ii. Problem of life : Time iii. Means: myth and ritual iv. Shaman: plays roles in restoring harmony between human community and forces of nature v. A few groups survive nowadays b. Myths of harmony c. Myths of liberation d. Myths of history e. **first three use cycles of nature ass basis f. **last three emerged in agricultural era 2. Emergence of World Religions a. Cultural and societal transistion b. About 8000 BCE c. Cities emerged around 3000BCE d. Differences between tribal and urban life e. Answer questions like death, justice, morality, mortality, etc. 3. Differences between Tribal groups and Urban groups
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Unformatted text preview: a. Tribal i. Believe the same thing ii. Group life iii. Ritual iv. Single occupation b. Urban i. Believe different things ii. Self involved iii. No ritual iv. Diverse occupations 4. China and myths of harmony a. Story of T/Dao: hidden harmony of universe b. Creation works via opposites of yin and yang i. Dark and light ii. Earth and heaven iii. Female and male c. Problem of existence: disharmony and unbalance means: i. Taoism wu-wei ii. Confucianism Li 5. The middle East and myths of history a. History as basis for religious metaphor, not cyclical b. Problem of life: sin and injustice c. Ideal goal: restoration of human wills to harmony with will of God d. Means: vary but all three religions 6. Modernization...
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Religion 827 - a Tribal i Believe the same thing ii Group...

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