Religion 905 - f Significance and influence i His theory...

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Religion 205 9/5 Classical Era of Christianity 1. Constantinianism: Marriage of Christianity and Empire a. Edict of Toleration = Edict of Milan : Christianity became permitted religion in Roman Empire, 313 CE b. Offical religion 381 CE c. Other religious worship illegal, temples closed, 391 CE d. Christianity spread fast 2. Church and state in early Christianity a. 4 Centers of Greek orthodox i. Antioch ii. Constantinople iii. Jerusalem iv. Alexandria b. Patriarchal rule c. Curch and state in unity d. Emperor ruled over both church and state in the name of Christ 3. Augustine – Architect of Western Christianity a. Story of Augustine b. Separation of church and state c. 3 most important and influential books between 397-423 CE d. Confessions: autobiography tells story of his own conversion e. Trinity: a neo-Platonic views of Christianity central doctrine
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Unformatted text preview: f. Significance and influence: i. His theory about relationships of these cities set model between church and state, religion and politics, and sacred and secular for most western history ii. Since time of Augustine, most Christians have assumed task of Christianity is to transform every society into a “Christian Nation” constituted by two kingdoms: Church and state 4. East West split a. Roman vs Greek form of faith b. 2 capitals of Roman Empire c. West: centered in Rome i. Roman Culture law ii. Original sin iii. Latin language iv. Nature of church d. East: centered in Constantinople i. Greek culture and philosophy ii. Trinity iii. Greek language iv. Christ e. Split...
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Religion 905 - f Significance and influence i His theory...

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