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Religion MidTerm - • The New Testament • Jesus Christ...

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RELIG 205 Fall 2007 Dr. Qu Ext. 4-5848 Study Sheet for Mid-term This close book/close note test is worth 30% of your grade. You will take it in the classroom on Oct 5, 2007. There will be 30 multiple choices (60pts.), 15 matching terms (30pts), plus 5 True/False (10 pts.). If you have any questions, you can call me for assistance. 1. Review notes from the lectures on Christianity and Islam 2. Review discussion questions on Christianity and Islam 3. Review glossary on pages 532-533, 535-536, and 537-539. Be familiar with the following contents, concepts and terms: Four main types of religious story Fundamentalists and modernists Status of gentile
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Unformatted text preview: • The New Testament • Jesus Christ • Christianity and Roman Empire • Augustine and his books • East-West split • Seven Sacraments and Christian Festivals • Christian mysticism • Reformation • Rise of Russian • Modernization of Christianity • Spread of Christianity in Africa, Asia, Latin America • Overview of Islam • Islam/Allah/Muslim/ummah/… • Prophet and his life • Rightly guided caliphs and their contribution • Classical period of Islam • Basic Islamic belief • Basic duties/Five pillars • Shariah and Islamic Law schools • Shiism • Muslim Women • Islamic mysticism/Sufism...
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