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January 31, 2008 Discussion 1 Islam: Five Pillars of Faith Al-Qaeda, Taliban, Islamic Fundamentalism Jihad Interpretations Submission to one God Emphasis on education and learning Sunni/shii Mosques Ramadan Mecca Veiling Allah’s Nature Dietary restrictions Mohammad Middle East Dome of the Rock 5 Pillars: Profess that he or she believes in one God and that Mohammad is his prophet Ritual prayer (as congregation or individually) Fasting during Ramadan Alms giving (done during specific period in a year) Pilgrimage (1 time in his life) Submission to one God (goes to first pillar). Islam means submission. To the will of one God. Equating anything to Allah is an unforgivable sin. Mosque. Place of Worship. No institutional connotations (no parallel between church and
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Unformatted text preview: state). It’s just a place of worship. Not institutionalized. Ramadan. Month during with one of the pillars is carried out, fasting. From sun up to sun down. No eating, drinking, engaging in sexual activity between these times. Jihad and Islamic Fundamentalism. Struggle for faith. Holy war. Internal (Greater Jihad), struggle against your ego, against what is oing to make you veer off of the correct path. Ex. Fasting, you want to eat, you struggle against the urge. External (lesser Jihad), defending yourself and your religion, not supposed to be actively attacking someone and their group. Interpretations of the Qura’an or the religion itself....
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