January 30 2008 - What happened in Mecca(up to Hijra...

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January 30, 2008 What happened in Mecca (up to Hijra migration from Mecca to Yathrib) Muhamad is the perfect man, an example to be followed. What happened to him in Early years is important to any Muslim. Born in Mecca in tribe of Quraysh in 570 or 571. Born as the son of Abdullah . Mother is Aminah, Before he is born his father dies and when he’s six his mom dies. His grandfather, Abd-al-muttalib , takes care of him and when he dies, his uncle Abu Talib takes care of him (here tribe structure is evident, tribe takes care of kin). Abu Talib is a merchant and Muhammad accompanies his uncle, sometimes does jobs for other people. He’s known in his community as Al-Amin (“the trustworthy”) (Muhammad). When he’s 25 he accepts marriage proposal of an older woman (40), Khadija . She gives Muhammad some responsibility in her business transactions. Important turning point, b/c even though he’s under the protection of his grandfather and uncle, he’s still poor and an orphan, his marriage to Khadija lifts him financially and gives him time to think. He had time to contemplate thing that bothered him (like his society) in Ghar Hira . He used to go through long periods of voluntary seclusion. He hears a voice, it’s the voice of Gabriel, telling him to “Recite” but he is illiterate. That day came the first revelation of
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January 30 2008 - What happened in Mecca(up to Hijra...

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