March 3 2008

March 3 2008 - LCA March 3rd, 2008 WWJD: What would Jesus...

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LCA March 3 rd , 2008 WWJD: What would Jesus do? Represents efforts for Christian lifes. Jesus should be the example for everday life of Christians. Should be an example to be followed. Hadith is the place to look to know What would Mohammad Do? For spiritual and moral guidance. Important for legal precedent. Sura 59, verse 7. Sunna- prophet’s example and custom. Is contained in the Hadith. Hadith: Stories, anecdotes telling about the deeds of Muhammad. Written down and after a while systematized. Scholarship basically dealt with their authenticity later. sunna (not a capital s): pre-islamic word, means custom, customary behavior. hadith (small h): story, anectode, narrative of events, news. Single anecdote about mohammad. Capital H of Hadith: corpus of literature. The whole book of hadiths about mohammad. Importance of Hadith: moral guidance, legal precedent. 1) Referred to for ages for guidance through everyday behavior. Really range from the very mundane things to very vital aspects. Like how long is a man’s beard supposed to be? What side of my body am I supposed to sleep? Try to bring every aspect of their life with the example to the prophet to increase piety. 2) It serves as a supplement to the Koran, especially from legal point of view. Elaborates on mutualistic and legal verses in the quran. Ex. Quran says prayer is obligated and gives some instructions on how to do this. But you cannot find every single detail about the ritual. So the Hadith steps in and gives Muslim all tiny details. a. Role of the Hadith is much more evident when we think about the situation after mohamad’s death. How the community came in contact with other societies. The sayings and example of the prophets makes more sense to look at after the Quran. To a certin degree, muhamad was still
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March 3 2008 - LCA March 3rd, 2008 WWJD: What would Jesus...

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