March 5th 2008

March 5th 2008 - LCA March 5th 2008 Dimensions of islam and...

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LCA March 5 th 2008 Dimensions of islam and the 5 pillars: Hadith of Gabriel. Dimensions of islam: Islam: submission, surrender Iman: Faith Ihsan: Virtue, beautification, perfection Be reminded that you are alwaysi n god’s presence. All practices have to be done with the awareness that you’re in God’s presence. Niyya: Intention. Bringing outer practices with inner intentions. Four types of definitions for submission. From very broad definition to a very specific one. 1) Since God has created everything, unconsciously, all creations are submitted to God because HE is the creator of all things. (The Cosmic definition) 2) Submission through prophecy. 3) Submission through God through Mohammad’s prophecy. (The religion of Islam) 4) Submission through practices. a. The third and fourth go together. 5 pillars: Shahada- Profession of Faith Salat- Daily ritual prayer Sawm- Annual fasting Zakat- Religious tax Hajj- Pilgrimage to mecca Jihad- Striving, effort (6 th pillar?) Quran commands all the five pillars, no detailed descriptions, there are some but not very detailed. The Hadith gives us detail on how to practice. Shahada- testify that: 1) There is no God but God and 2) Muhammad is his messenger. And Shi3a say that 3) Ali is God’s friend. The shahada is based on the doctrine of Tawhid: Unity, oneness, and in this context, the unity and oneness of God. At birth the shahada is whispered in the child’s ear. At death bed they proclaim the shahada as the last thing they say before they die. Also daily, if Muslim prays regularly, he would’ve said it daily 14 times. Prayer 5 times everyday facing the direction of Mecca: Qibla (the direction of prayer). The most central of the pillars, rights in Islam.
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If one is pregnant, old age, menstruation, you don’t do prayers. At this point intention steps in, before Salat every Muslim has to declare his or her intention anyway. If one is not able to perform the salat, one can declare the intention and can skip certain movements that one cannot do and do the rest, and according to the Hadith it’s still acceptable to God. Du’a
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March 5th 2008 - LCA March 5th 2008 Dimensions of islam and...

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