March 10 2008 - Axis Mundi Center of the world Mecca for...

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March 10, 2008 Axis Mundi- Center of the world. Mecca for the muslims. Muslims know that when they made the hajj they might die on the way,they might not make it back. Kind of like the end of your life. Aspect 1: Becoming the new man 2: Strong Abrahamic factor. Hajj is strong manifestation of abrahamic factor in Islamic. Reliving the abrahamic stories. Ex: Stoning the satan representing the Pillars, represents what Abrahams son felt when satan was trying to seduce him. Walking between hills represents what Hagar felt when she was looking for water. Show quality factor in islam. People dress alike. No way showing where they come from and what they own. Universality factor. You meet people from all over the world. Unifies the universe. VIP Hajj. Difference between living in a tent in the desert vs. people living in hotels with open buffets every night. People criticize the equality factor in this. Everyone should be equal. There should be noo differenc or special treatment. Argue that people who do the Hajj VIP wise aren’t really doing the Hajj. Hajji (Hadji): Refers to people who has completed the Hajj. Honorific title. Gives someone a high social standing in the community. Regarded as more trustworthy b/c they undergo the transformation and have become moral people. You have to have a certain amount of wealth to do the Hajj and you have to earn money yourself. So people usually only manage this at a certain age. And people have to b ready to do this. Orthodoxy vs. Orthopraxy 5 pillars are so central in islam that the significance have lead scholars to say that Islam is a religion of orthopraxy. Ortho means Right. Doxy Doxa learning, teaching. Orthodoxy
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March 10 2008 - Axis Mundi Center of the world Mecca for...

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