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Eli Quinn Argument Essay 11-14-06 Word Count: 1,604 Battle of the Kyoto Protocol Picture this, a planet with rising temperatures each year which will get to the point that it’s unbearable to walk outside in the summer. Imagine a planet with more frequent and extreme hurricanes that will be more destructive and costly than Hurricane Katrina. Or even a planet which will be globally flooded due from the rapidly melting glaciers across the globe. All of these effects are potential disasters which are caused by global warming. Global warming is the increasing temperature in the Earth’s atmosphere that is caused by excessive emissions of greenhouse gases. The United States is burning fossil fuels at a rate higher than ever before and it is only getting worse as the years go by. But, the problems that will potentially occur from the excessive burning of fossil fuels will introduce the scary part of our future. Global warming is said to cause more frequent extreme hurricanes, global flooding, melting of the Earth’s glaciers, and a global climate change. So what can we do to try and prevent these disasters from happening? Well, the Kyoto Protocol offers a reasonably rational solution to the problem. The Kyoto Protocol is an agreement made under the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC). Countries that ratify this protocol agree to reduce their emissions of greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide. The Kyoto Protocol has been ratified by more than 160 countries globally which cover roughly 55% of greenhouse gas emissions. So why isn’t the U.S. part of this solution to a potential disaster? The United States needs to focus
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on the ratification of the Kyoto Protocol to help control the emissions of greenhouse gases before this global disaster strikes hard. Some people believe that even if the Kyoto Protocol is a fantastic success, global warming will continue to become more likely (Easterbrook). “Developing nations, which are not regulated by Kyoto, will increase their output of greenhouse gases more rapidly than industrialized nations will reduce theirs,” says Gregg Easterbrook, writer of The New Republic. He also mentions in his article “Hot and Not Bothered,” that when the U.S. would reduce their emissions of greenhouse gases, China would increase their emissions of artificial carbon dioxide by about two billion tons annually. At current rates of growth, this increase in China’s emissions of carbon dioxide would only take them 15
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Argument Essay - Eli Quinn Argument Essay Word Count 1,604...

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