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Beyond Feelings Plagiarism

Beyond Feelings Plagiarism - There are three steps that can...

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Beyond Feelings Plagiarism Plagiarism’s most like cause is when a student misunderstands the directions of an assignment. There are cases where plagiarism is a result of a lazy student who decides to take the easy way out and just copy someone else’s work but for the most part I believe it is simple misunderstanding. Just as in these instructions “Write a paper on research rather than your opinion” and “Don’t use other people’s ideas as yours” a student may not know what to do so in his assignment he may commit plagiarism.
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Unformatted text preview: There are three steps that can help people avoid plagiarism and they are summarized in the following: Step 1, when you research a topic make sure you keep your ideas separate from the sources you may use. Step 2, as you look at your sources make notes of the information you want to include in your writing and put quotations around the author’s words and copy them exactly or paraphrase. Step 3, make sure you are positive about which words are yours and which are from the author’s from your sources....
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