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Cheese Paper Who Moved My Cheese relates to upcoming freshmen in college because it directs them to be comfortable with change and deal with what the world may bring our way in a positive approach. If freshmen acted like Hem acted in the book, they would have a terrible time adjusting to the enormous change from a bell schedule, living alone, and not knowing everyone in their school. If they took the Hem approach on the change they wouldn’t get anything accomplished just as Hem did because he was held back by his fear of change. Beginning freshmen in college also have a lot of fears of moving on to the real world but it is just something that has to be done. I believe that most new students are like Haw, because they have a fear of moving on from what their routine was throughout their entire life. An example of the routine is the bell schedule that all students are used to from elementary, middle, and high school. Another example would be
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Unformatted text preview: knowing everyone at their school. Coming to a large college you don’t have this luxury so it might cause fear in the rising students just as Haw had fear of moving throughout the maze from his Cheese Section C to find the new cheese. Sometimes you have to face your fears and just move on knowing that you the change is for the good. You have to move on because the old luxuries that people have are not going to be there forever. If upcoming college students acted how Sniff and Scurry did in Who Moved My Cheese which was that they were ready to move on. I think that this would be the best way to come about things because one would always be prepared for a change to come so when the actual change came about one would be ready to move on to bigger and better things. Who Moved My Cheese can really help a person such as a new college student in directing them to overcome change and get the best out of each situation....
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