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Comparison Essay FD - Eli Quinn Comparison Essay 11-2-06...

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Eli Quinn Comparison Essay 11-2-06 Word Count: 1,175 Stop Global Warming, or Slow it Down The gradual heating of the Earth’s surface (global warming) is a potential catastrophic problem in the world, so what can the people do to try and prevent this? Is there a solution to this global threatening problem or is it something that we the people just have to deal with and hope it doesn’t get out of control. “The Global Warming Crisis,” written by, Stuart Jordan, stresses the point that there seems to be no technological solution for removing enough carbon dioxide from the atmosphere to make a measurable difference (Jordan 28). In contrast to Jordan’s look on the solution to global warming introduces the article, “ Global Warming and the Threat of Ecological Catastrophe,” written by, Geoffrey Hughes. Hughes believes that there are ways to reduce the effects caused by global warming by using solar power, alternate fuels to power automobiles, and even changing personal habits such as our daily diets. Although Jordan and Hughes agree on the fact that global warming is a severe problem on the planet, both have different views on the ways that we can solve the problem to save our environment from this gradual heating. Due from evidence of thousands of respected researchers around the world, both Jordan and Hughes agree that the evidence is overwhelming that the Earth’s surface is warmer than it was centuries ago. Jordan believes that this warming is a result from human caused releases of an enormous amount of greenhouse gases over the years. “This world-wide effect has potential to cause increased amount of more frequent extreme weather such as hurricanes, rapid melting of glaciers and ice sheets, global flooding,
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Comparison Essay FD - Eli Quinn Comparison Essay 11-2-06...

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