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Information systems essay - Databases are completely...

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Eli Quinn TE 105 April 9, 2007 Information Systems Essay In my class time in TE 105 I have learned some valuable information on the information systems part of the Textile Engineering. I learned about the course descriptions of the required classes and what the information systems mainly deals with. When Jeff Joines came to our class to discuss all of the information dealing with information systems is when I learned about databases, spreadsheets, and more about the textile engineering department of North Carolina State University. Databases and spreadsheets are the main ways of holding information in a system. Databases and spreadsheets are both capable of holding extreme amounts of information but the main difference between the two is the location of where the information is stored at. In a spreadsheet, information is stored and entered in one location that a person can see. Therefore, when a person goes to enter information into a spreadsheet, all of the material that will be entered will be on the same spreadsheet and no where else.
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Unformatted text preview: Databases are completely different from spreadsheets besides the fact that they both hold and store information. Databases are capable of storing information in many various locations in a information system. One database can have many different smaller portions which hold information that create the entire database. Databases hold extreme amounts of information which are spread out and created in different locations on the database and spreadsheets are capable of holding extreme amounts of information but all the data will be in the same place. In conclusion, most of the new information that I have learned dealing with information systems dealt with databases and spreadsheets. I am able to tell show the difference between and database and spreadsheet and I believe this is valuable information to any upcoming engineer. I will keep on striving to learn as much information about the textile department of NCSU to help me become a better engineer later on in life....
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Information systems essay - Databases are completely...

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