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Introduction to College Language

Introduction to College Language - Eli Quinn Section 105...

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Eli Quinn Section 105 January 22, 2007 Introduction to College Language In the introduction of Engaging Inquiry the writers explain to their audience what their main purposes are in the contents of the book. The authors give you a taste of what is to come in their book. There are three main points in the introduction which include the way humans shape their language when around different people or places, understanding the nature of knowledge, and the three categories of subject matter. These main sections of the introduction provide examples of the kinds of material the book will cover. In the beginning of the introduction the authors begin by showing the audience that humans use many different types of language each day. People have different types of language for family, friends, professors, strangers, and bosses. For instance, someone wouldn’t talk to their grandfather the same way they talk to their friends. The authors explain that we use different languages to fit the purpose that we are given. They say that
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