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Thomas' Calculus, Media Upgrade (11th Edition)

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Math 2253 - FALL 2007 Secrions 001 and 002 Calculus I Instructor: Nicolae R. Pascu Office: D151, Phone: (678) 915-4989 E-mail:  n    [email protected]     Web: TEXTBOOK : Thomas' Calculus, Media Upgrade 11/e by George Thomas , Joel Hass , Maurice Weir and Frank Giordano (Pearson Addison-Wesley). MEETING TIMES/LOCATION/Course ID: C alculus I - 8393 MATH 2253-001 (8 - 8:50a MTRF) / D205 Course ID: pascu32877 C alculus I – 8403 MATH 2253-002 (9 - 9:50a MTRF) / D219 Course ID: pascu44313 COURSE DESCRIPTION: This is a first course in calculus. Topics include limits, derivatives and integrals of algebraic and trigonometric functions; also, tangent lines, instantaneous rates of change, related rates, maxima, minima, the area between curves, volumes, centers of mass and moments of inertia, and the work done by varying forces. GOALS: Upon completing this course students should be able to: 1. Find limits of functions and determine continuity of functions. 2. Find derivatives of algebraic and some trigonometric functions, and use derivatives to solve applied problems. 3. Find integrals of some algebraic and trigonometric functions, and use integrals to solve applied problems OFFICE HOURS : MRF 9:50-11:00, T 9:50-11:10. PREREQUISITE : A grade of C or higher in MATH 1113 or placement by the Mathematics Assessment Test. CLASS ATTENDANCE : I strongly suggest the attendance to class. If you miss a class, it is your responsibility to find out what has been taught in that lesson and to learn this material. Active participation is necessary if you wish to do well in this course. HOMEWORK : We will use MyMathLab to complete the HW assignments (please read the registration instructions on the attached paper). For each section, there will be a minimum number of problems, which I strongly suggest to be done by the next class meeting. Homework problems will be graded, and they count toward your final grade. Do not forget: the only way
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This note was uploaded on 01/23/2008 for the course MATH 2253 taught by Professor Pascu during the Fall '07 term at SPSU.

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Syllabus Ma2253 F07-1 - Math 2253 FALL 2007 Secrions 001...

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