Project 4 - Eli Quinn Section 105 April 3 2007...

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Eli Quinn Section 105 April 3, 2007 Interpretation of a Magazine Advertisement Advertising in the twenty-first century has become a world with no boundaries. Companies spend thousands of dollars to come up with advertisements that reveal customer fantasies, desires, and fears. Jack Solomon, wrote “Masters of Desire: The Culture of American Advertising,” which is an article that describes different advertising approaches from companies in America from past to present. This article brings up important topics that will help people realize what advertisers are doing to try and persuade consumers to purchase their product. Whether it be an advertising approach appealing to consumers fantasies or an advertising approach that will give the consumers a guilt-trip to persuade them. In a Nitro Boat advertisement from North Carolina Game and Fish the company uses visual effects of the product in action to lure consumers to purchase a new boat. While typical ads focus mainly on manipulating consumers just through fantasy, Nitro Boats uses an advertising approach that displays the futuristic qualities, status symbols, and the fantasy of owning their boats. There aren’t many ways to interpret this ad. When a reader of this magazine comes across the Nitro Boat ad they know exactly what is being advertised and the target demographic intended. This advertisement’s target demographic is middle-aged
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Project 4 - Eli Quinn Section 105 April 3 2007...

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