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Eli Quinn TE 200 Assignment 1 – 8/27/07 1. My name is Elijah Quinn, but most people call me Eli. I am eighteen years old and was born in Minnesota. I moved down to Raleigh, NC when I was very young and lived here ever since. There is four people in my family, brother Zach, mom JoDee, and dad Brian. We also have two dogs, Ace and Yukon. My extended family is pretty enormous considering I have over 100 cousins, so I won’t really talk too much about that. Growing up I always loved to play sports and to just be outside doing something, and still do. I started playing baseball when I was about 6 years old and loved the game. I also
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Unformatted text preview: played football and basketball, but baseball was what I loved. My dad introduced me to hunting in fishing also when I was little and I still can’t get enough it. I take advantage of every chance I get to go hunting or fishing. As I got older another sport caught my interest, and this sport was golf. When I was about twelve I started to get a feel for the sport and have been playing ever since. 2. • Why is it so hard to recycle used tires into new tires? • How hard would it be to make a bio-degradable plastic? Or would it not even be possible?...
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