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exercise 7 - Eli Quinn March 10th, 2008 Section 202 Dr....

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Eli Quinn March 10 th , 2008 Section 202 Dr. Hamouda Tests and Techniques for Determining Various Fiber Properties
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Physical Testing When performing tests on textile fibers to identify physical characteristics one would use one of the three following machines: HVI, AFIS, and the Universal Tensile Testing Machine. The High Volume Fiber Test System (HVI) measures seven physical characteristics of fibers that include the average length, length uniformity, strength, elongation, fineness, color and trash. The HVI is only used when testing natural fibers such as cotton. The Advanced Fiber Information System (AFIS) measures average length, length uniformity, and diameter of natural or synthetic fibers. This machine also has the capability of measuring neps. Neps are small bundles of fibers caused by immature or broken fibers depending on the classification of the textile fiber. When using the Universal Tensile Testing Machine the operator can measure mechanical properties of fibers, yarns, and fabrics. The data that is
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exercise 7 - Eli Quinn March 10th, 2008 Section 202 Dr....

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