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Psych 202 2nd Exam Outline

Psych 202 2nd Exam Outline - Retrieval Forgetting amnesia...

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Our second exam is March 12, 2008 The following topics are a list of topics that will be covered in the second exam* Learning Classical Conditioning Components of classical conditioning Generalization Discrimination Extinction Spontaneous recovery Explanations of how classical conditioning works Classical conditioning in humans Biological preparedness Operant conditioning Thorndike's Law of Effect Reinforcement - positive and negative Punishment - postive and negative Principles of operant conditioning Primary and Secondary reinforcers Schedules of reinforcement Observational learning Watson Skinner Lepper Memory The Nature of Memory Time frames of memory Types of information in memory (e.g., explicit vs. implicit) Interactions between type of memory Traditional information-processing model Basic memory systems Sperling Memory Processes Context, State, & Mood dependent retrieval cues Levels of processing model Working memory
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Unformatted text preview: Retrieval Forgetting amnesia repression Biological bases of memory concept formation Schemas Loftus Baddeley Cognition Concept Formation Problem solving Mental set Functional fixedness Heuristics Algorithms Decision making Impediments to problem solving Reasoning Binet Spearman Gardner Factor analysis Stress and Coping General adaption syndrome Illness and the immune system Effects of stress on immune function Personality factors in stress hardiness environmental factors in stress control social support appraisal and coping relaxation optimism Triarchic model of intelligence g and s reliability and validity Wechsler Ratio IQ Deviation IQ Mental age percentiles Crystalized and fluid intelligence Heredity and the role of intelligence Stereotype Threat Sternberg * Of course there may be something missing from this list that will be on the exam....
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