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Psych 202 Preparing For Tests

Psych 202 Preparing For Tests - Preparing for Tests Set a...

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Preparing for Tests Set a realistic study schedule and begin studying early ... Short study sessions spread out over time are more efficient and effective than a single period of condensed study. Also, begin your study sessions with a quick review of the material you've previously studied, so that this previous material stays fresh even though you studied it in detail weeks before the test. If you learn a little each day and allow plenty of time for repeated reviews, you will enhance your long-term memory. Avoid the temptation to cram for tests; your short- term memory hasn't enough space for all that you need to know. Identify what concepts are most important ... Set priorities and study the most important concepts first. Try to identify the content of the questions you will be asked ... Anticipate test questions. Ask yourself: "If I were making up this test, I would probably ask...", and then answer these questions. Also, time permitting, try writing some multiple-choice test questions. Do not simply memorize facts ... You will have to go beyond straight memorization. Concentrate on understanding the material taught; compare it, contrast it, and interpret its meaning. Focus on understanding the ideas and concepts in the course which knit the facts and details together. You must be more than familiar with the material; you must be able to write it down, talk about it, analyse it, and apply it. If there are graphs, tables, or figures on the test you will be asked to interpret data. Actively summarize ... For each major concept, integrate information from your lecture notes, the lecture presentations, text in the printed guide, and required readings onto a summary sheet by diagramming, charting, outlining, categorizing in tables, or writing paragraph summaries of the information. Your studying should also focus on defining, explaining, and applying terms. Study with other well-prepared students ... These study sessions will give you the opportunity to ask questions and further your understanding of the course material. Review past
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tests... ... to experience the style of questions that have been asked in the past, as an indication of what you might expect, and to determine the level of thinking required (recognition, synthesis, analysis, application) and the degree of difference between incorrect and correct responses. But don't
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Psych 202 Preparing For Tests - Preparing for Tests Set a...

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