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minds and machines notebook question 2 - the essential difference

Minds and machines notebook question 2 - the essential difference

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Baron-Cohen describes empathizing as “spontaneously and naturally tuning into the other person’s thoughts and feelings…” It’s more than just being able to tell how a person is feeling emotionally. It’s about naturally feeling for the other person and handling your interactions with others with the utmost sensitivity. All this is because you do not want to hurt others…because you care for other’s feelings without being able to help it. Empathizing is your being able to note changes in people whether it be their moods or their attitudes towards things. The most important thing about all of this is that you do all of it not to appear empathic, but just because it’s in your nature to do so. An example of empathizing behavior lies in the jealousy exhibited by females in relationships. This is not to say that girls are more jealous than guys, but that their reasons, or “triggers’ as Baron-Cohen calls them, are different. Females tend to say that the thought of their partner becoming emotionally involved with another person is what triggers jealousy. This is empathizing behavior because rather than acts of cheating making them jealous, it is the thought of what the person feels that makes them jealous. Systemizing, the opposite of empathizing (according to Baron-Cohen), “is the drive to understand a system and to build one.” To understand what is meant by a system, we can consider the example given by Baron-Cohen. If you were to push a button and the projector were to advance to the next slide, the red button is the input and the slide advancing is the output. So, we can say that systemizing is the drive to understand how input-operation-output relationships work. Analysis is also a part of systemizing which
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