Chapter1 - DiNitto Chapter 1 Politics Rationalism and...

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DiNitto Chapter 1 Politics, Rationalism, and Social Welfare I. Politics and Social Welfare Policy- a continuing political struggle over the issues posed by poverty A. What Constitutes Social Welfare Policy? 1. Social welfare policy- anything a government chooses to do, or not to do, that affects the quality of life of its people 2. Public assistance- social welfare programs that give benefits out of general- revenue funds to the poor a. TANF (Temporary Assistance for Needy Families), food stamps, Medicaid, SSI, school lunches, General Assistance 3. Social insurance- social welfare programs designed to prevent poverty a. Paid by workers and employers for retirement, disability, or unemployment b. Social Security, Medicare, unemployment insurance, workers’ compensation 4. Social services- provide care, counseling, education or other forms of assistance to children, elderly, disabled, and others with particular needs a. Child protective services, day care, independent living services, mental health care B. A Rational Approach 1. rational policy- if ration between values it achieves and values it sacrifices is positive and higher than any other alternative a. includes all social, political, and economic values 2. Conditions/ Assumptions a. Society must be able to identify and define social problems and agree there is a need to resolve these problems b. All values of society must be known and weighed c. All possible alternative policies must be identified and considered
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Chapter1 - DiNitto Chapter 1 Politics Rationalism and...

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