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Chapter11 - they had ever worked d Privatization of SS B...

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Chapter 11 Addressing Civil Rights and Social Welfare: The Challenges of a Diverse Society I. Gender Inequalities A. Feminization of Poverty 1. women more likely to be poor and receive public assistance a. 1970-1980s increase in female-headed households b. SS benefits less than men’s, less likely to have pensions c. live longer than men 2. social policy a. less generous public assistance programs target women and children b. more generous social insurance programs target male workers i. Social Security system has not kept pace with changing roles of men and women 3. Proposed remedies for gender inequality a. Earnings-sharing- divide couple’s earnings equally between husband and wife for each year they are married b. Give women SS earnings credits for each year they stay at home with children c. Double-decker plan- everyone eligible for basic benefit, whether or not
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Unformatted text preview: they had ever worked d. Privatization of SS B. Wage Gap 1. comparable worth- workers paid equally when they do different types of work that require the same level of responsibility, effort, knowledge, and skill 2. dual labor market- women’s profession regarded less highly than men’s professions C. Equality for Women D. Caring for the Family E. Sexual Harassment F. Abortion G. Violence against Women II. Gay Rights III. Racial Equality A. Separate but Not Equal B. Civil Rights Act C. Housing and Racial Discrimination D. Affirmative Action E. Voting Rights F. Marginalization of Native Americans G. Racial Profiling H. Civil Rights and war on Terror IV. Immigration A. Immigration Policy B. Immigration in a Post-9/11 Environment C. How Much Immigration?...
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