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Art History 202 Lecture Notes 1-31-08

Art History 202 Lecture Notes 1-31-08 - Renaissance...

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Renaissance Features - Classical elements - Science and geometry - Clear, crisp, clean and simple; muted colors Leon Battista Alberti - Façade for Santa Maria Novella o Commissioned by Ruccheli to redesign front o Tried to classisize and simplify o Made it wider o Proportionalized height by width o Corinthian order, round arc o Tried to keep the Roman architecture - Sant’Andrea o Ganzaga family commissioned to redesign interior o Added vault; rounded and squares o Revival of ancient forms Brunelleschi - Sculptural contest for a cathedral - “Sacrifice of Isaac” o Isaac in the center with Abraham’s hands around neck o Figures seem proportional Lorenzo Ghiberti - Won the sculptural contest o Classical calm o Judges thought it was more naturalistic, more focus and Isaac’s figure (first male nude since ancient times) - “Gates of Paradise”
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o “Isaac and His Sons” Narrating left to right; portrays figures; illusion of three-dimensionality; seems to be more depth then actuality; perspective Donatello
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  • Spring '08
  • Andrezejewski
  • Isaac, perspective Donatello Ghiberti, Lorenzo Ghiberti Won, Brunelleschi Sculptural contest, Renaissance Features Classical

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