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3-19 exam april9 - • Power and intelligence of interest...

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Exam is Wednesday April 9 th Chapters 6,7,9,10 and 11 Topics 5-9 65 MC *must bring grey scantron Interest group activities o Lobbying Activities used by groups to try to influence public policy to promote or protect group interests Direct and Indirect o Targets of interest group lobbying Their own membership-united front Other groups Coalitions based on common, overlapping interests logrolling-coalition of uncommon interest Political parties Public opinion Congress President and executive branch o Courts Test cases Amicas curiae briefs-file a brief, and present case what happened why it happened, consideration of evidence (NAACP did this)
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Unformatted text preview: • Power and intelligence of interest groups in American politics o Most a conservative force to preserve status quo o 2-way flow of communication between citizens and gov’t o Control each other through counter-veiling power • Political party- organization that nominates and runs candidates under a party label • The general nature of political parties o See definition above • Differences between political parties and interest groups o Method of influencing political process- (pp-have candidates ig-no) o Breath and scope of issue concerns o Private vs. Quasi-public organizations...
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