2-11 - 2-11 POLS 206 Puerto Rico and Washington DC becoming...

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Unformatted text preview: 2-11 POLS 206 Puerto Rico and Washington DC becoming a state- I don't know what he was talking about State Rights Protection against invasion and insurrection Republican form of government Equal representation in the senate Equality of states after admission No seniority all states have same degree of sovereignty with the same rights and powers Boundaries cannot be changed without permission of states and congree States have control over their internal affairs o Sates must agree to constitutional amendments o o o o Obligations of states o Recognize supremacy of U.S. Constitution and laws o "Full faith and credit" o "interstate rendition: extradition of criminals Cooperative Federlism: Ferderalism in practice o Line between state and national responsiblities is blurry o Shared responsibility requires cooperation o Early cooperation: land grants o Grants-in-aid Categorical grants General revenues sharing Block grants Problems with Cooperative federalism o Coordination and communication o Expensive o Threats in state authority ...
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