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Mass Spec Tichy Notes - MCMURRY 7e Tichy Classnotes CHAPTER...

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MCMURRY 7e Tichy Classnotes CHAPTER 12 INTRO TO CH12. What was your favorite part of CHEM 227? Organic synthesis of course! (kidding) But it is true that any card-carrying organic chemist will tell you that synthesis is the “fun part” – like cooking, baking. Throw on apron, get messy. After you synthesize it you need to PROVE to the world that you did it! This is called CHARACTERIZATION CH12 - Mass spec (weight, formula, structure) CH13 - NMR (structure by C-H framework) CH14 - UV-vis (limited, often used for kinetic experiments with chromophores) These chapters are designed to hone your problem solving skills (so that you can become a better doctor, vet, dentist, researcher, geneticist, engineer, nutritionist…). 12.1 MS of small molecules: Magnetic sector instruments Mass spectrometry - notice the difference b/ween this “s” word and the others! IR spectroscopy NMR spectroscopy UV-vis spectroscopy CHARACTERIZATION by MASS SPEC You have seen it/heard about it: CSI (crime scenes) Genetics lab (DNA, RNA, protein sequences) Airports (explosives) Iraq (chemical warfare agents) Olympics (drug use) Space (gas detectors) First, we need to form a “molecular ion”. TINY (picogram, 1X10 -12 grams, a gnat sneeze) Pipet sample onto plate High heat under vacuum = vaporization Gas particles go to ionization chamber High energy electron beam (70 eV or 6700 Kj/mol) = ionization Resulting ions are actually ion radicals, or “molecular ions” (M
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Mass Spec Tichy Notes - MCMURRY 7e Tichy Classnotes CHAPTER...

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