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Nutri Sci Exam 1-2 - mwafimflfi‘l UnneiIel-ggigm...

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Unformatted text preview: _,. - mwafimflfi‘l UnneiIel-ggigm 2.91;” _ . mfijsmszarggaa/J , n, ., 4-. ._1_ "2.02.. 7,“, “Vanna”- ,___;______.______ . . 2 222’22/ZMIfi/fflffiffé’zd’é b. Animal studies c. Human clinical trials Epidemiological studies 2. What is an anecdotal report in nutrition? _ a. A funny incident that occurred during a scientific study b. Evidence that a nutrient can counteract a toxic substance An individual’s testimonial about his/her own experience . A brief animal experiment e. An experiment on one individual animal 3. A staple food of indigenous hunting and gathering cultures in Wisconsin was a. barley b. millet c. bratwurst wild rice 4. .Food shortages in most indigenous, pre—industrial cultures. a. were unknown b. were constant happened to varying degrees . were unlikely 5. What do corn, beans, potatoes, and amaranth have in common? a. All are low in nutrient content b. All are low-yielding crops All are indigenous to the New World . All are poor protein sources 6. Diseases of affluence tend to be chronic diseases b. infectious diseases 0. diseases of pregnancy and childbirth d. parasitic diseases 7. A protein that controls regulates, or promotes a chemical reaction under conditions found 111 the body, that is not itself consumed in the reaction, and that does not act systemically through the bloodstream IS a(n) a. hormone b. fuel source © enzyme d. gene e. vitamin 8. Which substances, though they themselves contain no calories, are involved in the release of energy from energy containing nutrients? a. fats b. CHO 0. proteins d. vitamins e. alcohol ...
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