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Nutri Sci Exam 2-4 - at 15‘ The body’s resistance to...

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Unformatted text preview: at 15‘ The body’s resistance to dramatic fluctuations in weight, especially to Weight loss, causes it to have a: T set point . Thermic Effect of Food c. Body Mass Index d. Resting Metabolic Rate e. none of the above 16‘ Regarding cancer, which nutritional factor has been observed in human studies to promote colon cancer? a. fiber saturated fat 0. polyunsaturated fat d. cholesterol e. a and c 17. Which group is most likely to respond to external cues to eat, rather than internal cues? the obese b. normal weight 0. underweight d. fasting individuals e. non—smokers 18. The strongest evidence of a causal relationship between dietary fat intake and the development of cancer comes from @ animal studies ® epidemiological studies 0. human clinical trials (1. correlations between national fat intakes and cancer incidence 19. Which is NOT a function of an amino acid or protein? the major storage form of energy in the body b. precursor to neurotransmitters c. forms body constituents such as blood clotting factors d. maintains fluid balance e. acts as a catalyst in biochemical reactions 20. Which does NOT seem to increase your risk for developing heart disease? a moderate alcohol intake . smoking c. high blood pressure d. high levels of LDL e. strong family history of heart disease 21. Which model of dietary fat intake presents the lowest level of fat intake? a. Standard American diet g Mediterranean diet , . Asian diet . Atkins {low—carbohydrate) diet e. Australian diet U.) ...
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