Eng220-1 - ENG 220H Grimwood Why Am I Here There are many...

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ENG 220H Grimwood Why Am I Here? There are many differences and similarities between the Genesis creation narrative, the Basoko creation narrative, and the Bering Strait creation narrative, but in three specific categories these narratives’ differences are significant in understanding the meaning behind each and the culture that is founded on these stories. Three differences that shape how a culture views themselves and the supernatural are how the creator interacts with man, the conversation recorded between man and creator, and the intention of the creator. In all three creation narratives, the creator is physically with man for the first part of his existence, however each creator fulfills a different function in leading man through his first days. In Genesis, God brings animals to Adam to name, and later Adam and Eve hear “the sound of the Lord God walking about in the garden.” (Genesis 12) God is also an authority figure, and gives commandments and punishment for breaking his commands. In the Basoko narrative, the two creators play different roles in man’s first days. As soon as Toad creates the imperfect, mortal form of man, Moon kills him. The Moon then takes the opportunity to refine man’s shape and gives him intelligence, as well as teaching basic survival. In the Bering Strait narrative, the creator Raven teaches many details about the world including what its okay to eat, and brings man along as he creates animals and explains their uses. The conversations that the creators have with man are also different in substance. God’s conversations recorded in Genesis begin as commandments. After Adam and Eve eat the forbidden fruit, God asks “Where are you?” and continues to question them until he receives a
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full confession. (Genesis 12)
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Eng220-1 - ENG 220H Grimwood Why Am I Here There are many...

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