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As I Lay Dying Paper - Ben Kahling English 203 VanderVelde...

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Ben Kahling English – 203 February 20, 2008 VanderVelde Perfectionists: Carpenters and Accountants As the youngest of three children I have been interacting with my older siblings for nearly twenty years and I am confident that I know almost everything there is to know about them. I have two older siblings, A.J. who is twenty years old and Liz who is twenty-seven. However, for the purpose of this paper I am more interested in what makes the first-born child different from the other children. I found while reading William Faulkner’s As I Lay Dying that the eldest Bundren, Cash, had a very similar attitude and many other things in common to the oldest Kahling child, my sister Liz. My basic belief is that being a first born child in a family separates you from the rest of the children in the family and makes you another leader of the family. Finally, looking at substantial research as to exactly what your birth order means and how first-born children are radically different from the other children. As I read this novel for the first time I almost immediately began to see connections between Liz and Cash. The first similarity actually fits all of the Kahling kids. The Bundren’s are almost all exactly the same age in As I Lay Dying as the Kahling kids are now. Cash and Liz are both around twenty-seven years old while Darl and A.J. are both two years younger at twenty-five. As for myself I am twenty years old and although we don’t know Jewel’s exact age he is somewhere between Dewey-Dell, who is seventeen, and Darl, again at twenty-five. Therefore Darl is very likely somewhere in his
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late teens to early twenties. Other than their age another similarity between Cash and Liz is their working habits and attention to detail. Although my sister is not an expert carpenter like Cash, she is an “expert” accountant. These two jobs might seem like they have very little in common but that is actually not the case. As a carpenter is it crucial that you pay attention to details and follow the old adage “measure twice, cut once.” Messing up just one cut or measurement could ruin the whole piece of work. The same is
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As I Lay Dying Paper - Ben Kahling English 203 VanderVelde...

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