Exam #1 Review

Exam #1 Review - Ben Kahling February 19, 2008 First Exam...

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Ben Kahling February 19, 2008 First Exam Review Terms Cottage Industry: Boom in the industry in the 1700’s that was used to manufacture textile production in Europe before industrialization that is also known as the “Putting-Out System.” This was due to advances in technology with the cotton spinning jenny which made it easier for the work to be done. Materials were given to families who did this during the winter/non-farming time of the year. However, the system died off with the emergence of early factories. Romanticism – It was an aesthetic movement that started in the 1780’s and was at its peak in the early 1800’s with political overtones that can be seen as early liberalism. Romanticism was brought upon by social and political movements of the French Revolution. It was a revolt against the 18 th century movement of classicism and was strongly focused on emotions, wild aspects of nature and human nature. The art and literature aspects of it originated in Germany and Britain with people like; Wordsworth, Coleridge, Keats, Chopin and Beethoven. Napoleonic Code – It was a system of laws spread throughout Europe beginning in 1804. It abolished feudalism and began to also establish liberal reforms. It assured equality of all male citizens before the law and absolute security of private property and wealth. It was greatly accepted by peasants as they gained land and status from the changes. However, it removed some of the legal equality women had gained in the 1790’s. Under this code Napoleon also began to tax heavily and revolts started happening. Jacobins – A group of extreme left winged people that formed after the Estates-General of 1789 that debated political questions. The group was run by Robespierre until his execution in 1794. Jacobins had their control of France with a new legislative assembly starting in 1792 with the “radical” or second revolution. They were dedicated to the liberal revolution and despised the monarchy. Austria and Prussia feel threatened by the new revolution and before they can declare ware French gov’t does. At the National Convention they are separated into two groups of Girondists and Mountain. Duma – Due to the Russian revolution of 1905 with strikes and peasants uprising in the country the government was forced to give in. It was a representative assembly established in Russia in October of 1905 by the October Manifesto. The tsar Nicholas II promised the Duma (or parliament) would have real legislative powers. However, before the night before the Duma was set to take control the Fundamental Laws were passed which let the tsar retain greater powers which made the middle class very upset and created unrest. Tsar dismissed the Duma and could now use it as his own personal tool. Reign of Terror – Took place in France during the revolution during a year long period
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Exam #1 Review - Ben Kahling February 19, 2008 First Exam...

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