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Exam #1 Essays - Liberalism belief in individual rights...

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Liberalism belief in individual rights with economic freedom See this from the Enlightenment in the mid 1700’s w/ educated adopting ideas of equality and liberty French Revolution in 1789 w/ Liberal Revolution. Dealing with economic difficulties, declaration of rights of man giving equality for all men before the law, abolishment of feudal privileges, freedom of speech, property, assembly and creates a limited monarchy—no longer absolute 1800-1850: real ideology – want representative gov’t, no class privileges under law, express self, property. Laissez-faire, hands off, don’t mess with economy. In this time it was associated with the middle class, had to own property to vote, is this far enough? Has ties to Romanticism starting in 1780 until 1840 in that the romantics are inspired by social and political things open due to FR Thomas Paine – wrote The Rights of Man in 1791 that is a direct response to Edmund Burke’s take on the French Revolution which states that liberalism embodies ideas of liberty and human equality EARLY nationalism is part of this- belief that the people make up the nation not the elites or monarchy. Nationalist belief in democracy Revo’s of 1848 – Napoleon III elected in popular vote in France and coup in 1851 – responds to public opinion, public works, natl bank, gov’t investment in RR, and by 1860’s expands assembly and civil rights. Conservatism
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Exam #1 Essays - Liberalism belief in individual rights...

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