protocol - Group Protocol- Mortar Compressive Strength...

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Group Protocol- Mortar Compressive Strength Mixing: All 10 lbs cement 0.2 pound salt per pound water 0.2 pound sugar per pound water No additive 4:10 water/cement ratio T1 T2 T3 5:10 water/cement ratio T4 T5 T6 -ratios are by weight In preparation for mixing, six 5 gallon buckets should be prepared (clean and dry) to each receive one treatments mixture (cement paste) along with 6 other smaller buckets to hold the cement batches. Also, a 5 gallon drill mixer must be ready with an appropriate hand power drill. Finally, eighteen 4” diameter by 8” tall cylinder molds conforming to ASTM C39 must be procured, cleaned and dried. Place all of these to the side. All mixing and batching will be done in a laboratory where temperature should be expected to be in the normal room temperature range. Each treatment will be composed of 10 lbs of cement, one of two water/cement (w/c) ratios, and one of three additive applications. The six buckets for the cement will each be filled with 10 lbs of cement using a spring scale or similar scale accurate to at least 1 lb (if the scale used for the water can handle ten lbs it will be used). According to the table above, each treatment has been assigned a number one through six. Using a random number generator (RNG), each container will be assigned to a treatment. Similarly, water will be batched; three of the 5 gallon buckets receiving 4 lbs of water and the three others 5 lbs weighed out using a more accurate scale able to weigh to within 0.1 grams (the conversion to be used is 1 lb = 453.6 grams). Demineralized water will be used and the tap will be let to run until temperature is normalized. A RNG will
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protocol - Group Protocol- Mortar Compressive Strength...

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