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Instructor use only: Group Number _____________ Score _____________ ST 370 Project Proposal All elements of this form must be typed. The proposal (one per group) is due 10/10/07 by 11:59pm via email. Email proposals to . Subject line ST370-003 Group x. Group Members Email address Objectives: (3-5 sentences) To determine if the content of water added to cement will affect the compressive strength of the cured mortar. We will add different substances to the water such as salt, dishwashing soap, and vinegar as well as change the water to cement ratio to observe differences in compressive strength. Response Variable (numeric) Compressive strength (psi) Experimental Unit Mortar test cylinder Factors and Levels given as “Factor (levels1, level2,…)” Water type (tap, salt, soap, vinegar) Water/cement ratio (.9*suggested,
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Unformatted text preview: 1.1*suggested) Number of treatments 8 Number of replicates 3 Number of measurements per replicate 1 Total number of observations 24 Amount of time planned for data collection 4 hours Controlled variables given as Variable (value) Curing time (7 or 14 days), cement type (type 1), curing temperature (60-80F), strength tester (will use machine) Blocking variable, if used (not required) Treatment- three members will apply one replicate of each treatment to save time Important sources of experimental error not addressed by the experimental design: Accuracy of compression test- the machine is accurate to 10psi, so results could be inconclusive because of this. Describe how randomization will be used: We will both apply the treatments in random order as well as test the cylinders in random order....
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