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1 Course website URL: https://ctools.umich.edu/portal Course website Resources tool • Syllabus = “01_syllabus.doc” “02_schedule.doc” • Lecture outlines = “03_outlines.doc” • Discussion section exercises = “04_discussions.doc” Course website • Resources tool Powerpoint lecture files = *.ppt and *.pdf in “lecture folders” Two questions 1. How have humans evolved? 2. Does evolutionary theory shed light on contemporary human behavior? Evolution
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2 What are species? • Two properties define species 1. reproductive isolation 2. overall appearance Humans vs. chimpanzees Direct observations of evolutionary change: small scale changes in nature bighorn sheep Trophy hunting acts as a selective agent • Ram Mountain, Alberta, Canada • Since 1975, 40% of all rams harvested per year • Horns grow when rams are 2 - 4 years old • Most trophy-harvested rams were shot before reaching 8 years of age • Hunters selectively harvest rams with
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evidence_of_evol - Course website URL...

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