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Q = heat required to raise the temperature of m pounds of material by deltaT 1. Once you know how many gallons of water you need to heat ( w ), you’ll know how many pounds of water you need to heat ( w m * 345 . 8 = ). 2. Once you know the current temperature of the water ( T ), you’ll know how much you need to increase the temperature of the water to make it boil ( T deltaT = 212 ). a. Now that you now m and deltaT , you can calculate Q (since you are given the value of water’s specific heat ( c ) in the problem facts. 3. In step (2a), you compute how much heat you need to generate. Now you need to figure out how big the solar panels have to be to produce that much heat. The problem facts tell you how much solar heat reaches the solar panels: how much total heat is received by the panels ( R ) depends on how square feet of panels you have ( A = panel area) and how many hours they are exposed to the sun. Input 3 is H = the number of hours of exposure. ( H A R * * 340 = ) 4. Efficiency is the percentage of the heat radiation received by the solar panels that
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