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Stats 350 W08 Name that Scenario Handout (may be covered in lecture the week of March 10-14) Bobby and Barney are the owners of a bakery. They are considering packaging their “mini” chocolate chip cookies in individual bags for vending machine sales. Before they embark on this endeavor, they have many plans to formulate and decisions to make. Bobby is in charge of production and Barney is in charge of marketing. They need your help. For each issue below, select the most appropriate statistical analysis technique for addressing that issue. _____ 1. Is the average number of chocolate chips in our cookies higher than the average number of chocolate chips in our competitor’s cookies? _____ 2. We have two different package sealing options. Is the percentage of defective seals under the first option
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Unformatted text preview: different from the percentage of defective seals under the second option? _____ 3. We have two scales to choose from. We weighed the same 10 bags of cookies on each scale. Do the two scales produce different weights on average? _____ 4. Our bags of cookies are listed as 20 oz. A sample of bags is selected and weighed to assess if the average weight is less than 20 oz. _____ 5. A sample of bags are weighed to assess if more than 90% are meeting the specifications (where meeting specs is defined as weighing at least 20 oz). A. 1-sample t-test for a population mean B. Paired t-test C. 2-sample t-test for the comparison of two population means D. 1-sample Z-test for a population proportion E. 2-sample Z-test for the comparison of two population proportions...
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