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Stat 350 Winter 2008 Important Instructions for Homework Worksheets (required) (1) Print out the homework worksheet . If the worksheet is 2 pages, print it out two-sided for one page . If the worksheet is more than 2 pages, print out and staple all pages together. (2) Due to limited space on some homework worksheets, it is suggested that you first do the homework on scratch paper and then recopy your full solutions (including your work) onto the final homework page that you turn in. This makes it easier to read, to grade, and better for you to review/study from later. (3) For problems that require computations , you must include all work (formulas with numbers plugged in), that is, give support for how you arrived at your final answer. For example, see the Example Homework problem 3(b). (4) For exercises assigned from the text book , the answer must be communicated in full and include units (when appropriate). For example, see the Example Homework problem 1(a): just writing “65” on the line is not enough. A full answer of “The median height is 65
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