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MIDTERM 1 MATERIAL Buddhism: Introducing the Buddhist Experience: 1-153, 213-219 The Zen Monastic Experience: 3-20, 69-95, 189-199, 217-223 Kindness, Clarity, and Insight (hardcover): 25-41, 43-55, 79-98, 117-134, 179-189, 207-225 Experience of Buddhism: Sources and Interpretations: 1-197, 217-225 MOVIE: Buddha Realms MOVIE: Footprint of the Buddha Fundamental Buddhist ideas; the truth of suffering (1/29) The truth of the origins of suffering (1/31)
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Unformatted text preview: The truths of cessations and paths; Refuge; the Buddhas life (2/5) Early Buddhist developments; Theravda past and present; Buddhist monasticism (2/7-12) Details of Buddhist meditation (2/19) Mahyna basics (2/21-26) Mahyna stras and pantheon (2/28) Buddhist philosophical systems (3/4) Development of bodhicitta and mind training (3/6)...
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