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Discussion questions for week 4 - are dead Why did they die...

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Discussion questions for week 4: 1. Describe the structure of the cell membrane. Explain how its structure is related to its functions. 2. Compare and contrast the various types of transport across the cell membrane. 3. A cell whose cytoplasm consists of 10% salt and extracellular fluid contains 80% water has a membrane only permeable to water. Which is the hypertonic solution and which is the hypotonic solution? Explain what will happen to this cell. 4. Describe the types, structures, and functions of a cell’s cytoskeleton. Additional Questions: 5. During your last day at a nice sea side resort, you noticed some beautiful plants growing in pools of seawater among the dunes. You take a few of them, carefully wrap them in moist towels, and take them back to Wisconsin. As you arrive from the airport, you promptly put them in a jar filled with tap water, they look really good. Next day they
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Unformatted text preview: are dead. Why did they die? 6. What is meant by the primary, secondary, tertiary and quaternary structure of proteins? What types(s) of bonds are involved in each of these? How is it possible to predict the secondary, tertiary and quaternary structures from the primary structure? 7. How does the structure of the R group on an amino acid affect the properties of the amino acid itself? How does it affect the ultimate structure of the protein made up of many amino acids? 8. What are the main structural features associated with a cell's nucleus? What functions are associated with them? What kinds of molecules "traffic" in and out of the nucleus? 9. How are the endoplasmic reticulum, Golgi complex, cell/plasma membrane, and lysosomes/vacuoles structurally and functionally related? How do materials move between these organelles?...
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