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Discussion questions for week 5: 1) What is the function of an enzyme? How does an enzyme interact with its substrate? 2) Describe the different types of inhibition. Your answer should include competitive, non-competitive, feedback, and allosteric inhibition. 3) ATP can be synthesized in several different ways. Describe the different types of phosphorylation. 4) What is oxygen's role in cellular respiration? What is the role of hydrogen ions? Carbon dioxide is also a part of cellular respiration. Where does it come from? 5) You run several miles. Afterwards you eat a bowl of pasta. What different types of metabolic reactions are occurring during these activities? 6) What role does NAD+/NADH play in biochemical reactions? What form of the molecule is oxidized? What form is reduced? What form acts as an electron donor in reactions? What form acts as an electron acceptor? 7) What is the difference between substrate-level phosphorylation and oxidative phosphorylation? 8) What is the chemiosmotic theory? Given this theory, what provides the energy for generation of ATP in
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