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Ch 13-The Presidency

Ch 13-The Presidency - The Presidency Founding Fathers How...

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The Presidency Founding Fathers How did the FF conceive of the presidency? o Fearful of a strong executive o Knew Pres would have to be strong sometimes Biggest problem w/ “Articles” was lack of executive branch o To win approval of the Constitution, FF gave ambiguous powers to the president Congress the centerpiece of gov’t Formal Powers of President Constitutionally expressed powers o Enumerated, or listed Constitutional limitations on the president’s power? Constitutionally Enumerated Powers Commander-In-Chief o Military Veto Power Issues executive powers Makes treaties “Take Care” laws are faithfully executed Nominate justices to Supreme Court Nominate cabinet members State of Union address Limitation on Powers Separate institutions sharing powers – Checks and Balances Decentralization o Federalism 19 th Century Presidents Ceremonial head of state Avoided public addresses Avoided interactions w/ foreign nations o Exception to the rule was Andrew Johnson 20 th Century Presidents Why has presidential power grown? o Individual leadership o Public expectations o Congressional delegation of authority Individual Leadership Claim “the silences of the Constitution” allow redefinition of Pres power 2 most ambiguous clauses – re: Pres power o Commander-In-Chief Clause o Take-Care Clause Commander-In-Chief Clause o Additional power during times of crisis
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Rally-around-the-flag effect o Modern Pres send troops unilaterally Reagan (Granata), Bush Sr. (Iraq), Clinton (Haiti) How can this happen if only Congress can declare war? CICC evolved into the power of the Pres to send troops None of the wars since WWII have been declared War Powers Act (1973) tries to curtail Pres power George Washington => established precedents: o Ex. Privilege o Ex. Orders Authorize bureaucracy to take an action Pres legislation o Ex. Agreements (treaties; agreements between U.S. & other countries) Abraham Lincoln Civil War “quasi-presidential dictatorship”
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