ch 14 Bureaucracy

ch 14 Bureaucracy - Ch 14 Bureaucracy Independent...

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Ch 14 – Bureaucracy Independent Regulatory Commissions Maintain independence from presidency and politicians Deal w/ complex economic or technical issues o Congress wants to keep these decisions out of the hands of politicians Federal elections commission (FEC) o Congress delegates to bureaucracy to avoid making unpopular decisions, especially when impact is diffusive Federal reserve board (Fed) Government Corporations Semi-independent agencies designed to serve public interest Private sector could produce these goods/services, but would be under-produced – not profitable: o US Postal Service (USPS) o Corporation for Public Broadcasting (PBS) o Federal Deposit and Insurance Corporation (FDIC) Overview of Bureaucracy Without bureaucracy, little would get done o Educate children o Deliver mail o Enforce borders o Settle labor disputes o Protect air and water quality o Overthrow governments Americans have negative view of bureaucracy => big, inefficient, impersonal
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ch 14 Bureaucracy - Ch 14 Bureaucracy Independent...

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